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VOICE Talks Provides Practical Tips for Getting Started with Voice
April 29 Episode Tackles How to Design, Build & Market Voice Technology Experiences

WASHINGTON, DC, April 26, “VOICE Talks,” a monthly hour-long talk show that discusses the latest developments in voice technology, announced its next episode “Best Practices for Designing, Building and Marketing Voice Experiences,” will air April 29 at 2 p.m. ET. The show will provide developers, marketing agencies, and brands practical tips on integrating voice technology into their app or website.

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“Voice has taken a major leap forward, and it has emerged over the last couple of years as a new foundational interaction model in computing,” said Sofia Altuna, host of VOICE Talks and Global Product Partnerships for the Google Assistant. “Voice provides customers with the ability to easily find and collect information, connect with brands and even make purchases. As users start to have access to this voice technology most everywhere, brands will have to start incorporating voice technology into their overarching strategy.”

According to Juniper Research, consumers will interact with voice assistants on over 8.4 billion devices by 2024.  More than ever, consumers expect brands to bring versatility, creativity, innovation and convenience to their user experience and daily lives.

The April episode will feature advice from experts like:

  • Wally Brill, head of Conversation Design Advocacy & Education, Google - will provide a product deep dive and share some of the lessons his team has learned in building games and stories for smart displays and more.
  • Jessica Dene Earley-Cha, developer relations engineer, Google, Denis Valášek, co-founder, yadada, and Allen Firstenberg, project guru at Objective Consulting, Inc. - will participate in an Ask the Expert segment.
  • Brandon Kaplan, founder and CEO, and Heather Peterson, creative accounts & product strategist, Skilled Creative - will recount their experiences building immersive games and provide insight on how to market and monetize voice experiences to gain users.
  • Sarah Nelson, senior director, Strategic Partnerships, Samsung - will participate in a featured Partner Spotlight.
  • Noelle Silver, SVP, AI Solutions, ElectrifAi - will discuss why brands need to explore and evaluate voice now and tips to properly evaluate voice technology.

VOICE Talks host Sofia Altuna will also explore tips with guests and provide her own recommendations for getting started with easy-to-use technology. She will also explain how big media companies, like Snapchat, are using voice technology.

The show will also feature what brands can do post-launch to increase this powerful technology’s reach. Tune in for more tips on and best practices during the next episode of VOICE Talks, live April 29 at 2 p.m. ET.

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