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Amazon, Comcast, Google, TD Ameritrade, Prudential, Samsung, Microsoft, Nestle, Visa, Pandora Media, Clinc, Mercedes-Benz, BBC, TiVo, US Bank, Bond.AI, Vixen Labs, SAP, Algolia, Aider.AI, Earplay, AI Leadership Institute, Flipkart NJBIA talk Artificial Intelligence at VOICE 19
Hear About AI and Voice-Tech from Banking, Voice-Tech, Consumer, Fintech, Healthcare, Media Retail, Small Business and Economic Development Experts on Final Day of VOICE Summit 2019

NEWARK, NJ / July 24, 2019 / VOICE Summit 2019 (VOICE 19), the world’s largest voice-tech event, today announced that executives from Amazon, Clinc, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, Prudential, Mercedes-Benz, TiVo, General Motors, US Bank, Visa, Bond.AI, Aider.AI, National Association of the Blind, Novalte, Virginia State Lottery, Phone.com, Earlplay, Cognizant, SAP, Flipkart, VoiceBot.AI, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, and other leading organizations will present at the VOICE Summit 2019 on July 25, 2019, at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

The day kicks off at 9:00 AM ET with, “Fintech Leaders and the Race for Voice Supremacy,” moderated by Bret Kinsella, founder of VoiceBot.ai. The session will feature fintech leaders from Prudential Financial, Visa and TD Ameritrade who will address how they are embracing the voice-first era and incorporating omni-channel strategies across product groups.

At 2:30, executives from Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, and Royal Bank of Canada will discuss organizational models and objectives that leading companies use for their voice initiatives, compare centralized versus decentralized models as well review their voice development strategies, and how they view voice assistants fitting into their broader marketing and product strategies.

The final keynote, “A journey through a deaf developer's eyes at Prudential,” will be presented by Prudential’s Thomas Chappell, who will address how voice to text technology is not only applicable to deaf people, but to everyone. Chappell, who lost his hearing as a child, will also explore why the majority of hearing-impaired people work for either federal agencies or video relay service companies.

“There's such a huge community of differently-abled individuals that aren't tapped into in the workplace,” said Chappell. “Inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market. That is almost two times more! VOICE Summit 2019 is one of the most innovative conferences and is the ideal forum for discussing and collaborating our ideas into a bigger reality.

“Simply put, if you can design for me, your solutions will work for any employee or customer.”

Registration for VOICE Summit 2019 is still open.

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VOICE Summit 2019 Agenda: Friday, JULY 25, 2019

· Fintech Leaders and the Race for Voice Supremacy

· Get Sticky: How to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

· Learn About a Voice-Enabled Fashion Skill

· Removing Barriers to Accessibility Through Voice

· Build and Monetize an Alexa Skill using In Skill Purchasing

· How I Made a Buck with In-Skill Purchasing

· Featured Case Studies - VA State Lottery

· Indicators of Innovation

· Alexa Skills Training

· Conversation Design is Like Web Design in 1996

· Live Demos & Interviews with Voice-First Disruptors

· Live Interviews and Podcasts

· Live interviews conducted by VoiceBot.ai, Forbes, Bloomberg, New York Times, CNet, NBC, NJTV and more

· The Importance of Search in Voice Apps

· Voice Messaging for Remote Teams:

· Earplay and Friends Demo

· Hyper-Personalizing the Voice Experience with the Empathy Engine

· Faster Innovation and deployment

· Reuse or Rework? Making the Connection Between Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Actions

· How On-the-Go Hearables Expand Opportunities w/ Voice

· How Voice Is Empowering the SMB Markets

· Voice Strategy? Check! Next Up, Personalization as the New Audio Frontier

· Deep Dive into Building Multimodal Skills

· Sonic Branding: The Sound of Success

· Talking to Your Spreadsheet

· Gaming in the Voice-First Era

· Addressing Bias in Artificial Intelligence & Voice Assistants

· Women in Voice: Successful Teams and Skill Building

· What If You Don't Have a Voice 2.0?

· VUI: Design Jam Using Situational Design

· Mindset Matters: The Formula for Success in the Digital Economy

· Talking Transportation

· Microcasting vs. Podcasting: What's the Difference & Why It Matters

· How Voice Is Transforming the Enterprise


· Creating Social Presence in Voice Design

· Ideating and Designing for Voice-First (1 Hour)

· Key Design Principles that Promote User Acquisition

· Storytellers in Conversation: The Creative Path

· Having Fun? Multimodal & Voice Experiences that Entertain Consumers

· Accessibility Strategy Roundtable

· Conversational Design, Situational Design, Visual User Experience

· Ways to build for Google Assistant

· The Future of Love

· Voice and Media: How can this work?

· Brands and the Future of Voice First presented by VoiceBot.AI

· Voice for Impact | Ava's Journey to Empower 450M Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing People in Everyday Lives

· Giving Voice to the Smart Home

· What is inclusive voice design?

· Kid Stuff: Unique Considerations for Creating Voice Interactions for Kids

· From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Voice Is the Choice for Enterprise CRM, Operations, and CX

· Responsible AI - Using Ethics to Shield Your Company from Destruction

· Building Robots that Respond to Voice

· How to Fail Less

· A Chat with Meredith Corporation's Director of Innovation

· Executive Briefings

· Why Every Techie Needs a Personal Pitch

· Selecting the Right Voice for Your Application - How voice affects user experience and adoption

· Voice Strategies that Deliver Brand Growth

· Thomas Chappell: A journey through a deaf developer's eyes at Prudential

About VOICE Summit 2019

VOICE is a multi-day summit at the forefront of natural language processing, sponsored by Amazon Alexa and hosted by Modev. The 2019 Summit will be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on July 22-25, 2019 and serve as a gathering place for more than 5000 developers, designers, C-level executives, leading brands and agencies who are reimagining how we interact with technology through voice. The program will consist of keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and an Awards dinner recognizing the best in voice applications across 12 different categories. Host Committee includes NJIT, City of Newark, Greater Newark Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Newark Community Economic Development Council. Additionally, VOICE is working with corporate partners to ensure that more than 1000 students and professionals from traditionally marginalized groups in tech have scholarships to attend the event. This will include mentorships, career opportunities, educational experiences, networking and much more.

About Modev

Modev was founded by Pete Erickson in 2008 on the simple belief that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation. Today, Modev leverages exponential technologies and methods to build communities at scale, manage transformation strategies and produce market/leading events such as VOICE Summit, sponsored by Amazon Alexa, and Spinnaker Summit, sponsored by Netflix. Modev also curates specialty communities such as Voicehacks, Machinery.ai and Security by Design. Modev staff, better known as “Modevators,” include more than 45 community building and transformation experts from around the world.


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