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The Hassle-Free way to Developing a (truly) intelligent chatbot!
Say goodbye to poorly performing vocal interfaces!

NEW YORK, July 12, 2019 /AEBIS/ Bruce Epstein, Head of US Operations for Aebis, will present our innovative solutions for high-performance vocal interfaces including a live demonstration at the Voice Summit in Newark, NJ, on Wednesday, July 24 at 3:00 pm.

“Chatbots – text and voice – are a big deal”, said Bruce Epstein. “Companies in all industry segments (up to 80% of all companies) are planning or have already created chatbots for customer engagement and support, as well as internal staff support. The global market will surpass $1 billion within the next 5 years.

“However, today’s reality in the marketplace is very different, as witnessed by the long list of articles where negative experiences reign: disappointment, rigidness, loss of control over a company’s data or even its clientele. A Google search on “Chatbot Failures” returns over 2 million hits!”

“But there is an alternative to this pessimism”, added Philippe Michelin, Aebis’s Global CEO.

“Let’s stop viewing chatbots as conversational robots, but rather as a vocal interface integrated into your information system, designed as the digital assistant for a specific function in your organization, and developed within the framework of an actual project using an agile yet architected approach”

Would you like to know more? Come see us at the Voice Summit: attend our presentation on Wednesday July 24th at 3 PM or stop by Booth K14 anytime during the event.


Aebis is dedicated to accelerate global competitiveness by integrating the Management of human knowledge and the Architecture of Human-Machine Systems in which the company operates.

Our missions are twofold:

  1. enhancing human work performance through the use of proprietary cognitive technologies to enable rapid and accurate essential critical knowledge transfer from person to person upon which the organization's continued success depends;
  2. in-depth human-to-machine integration, inside the overall Human-Machine Systems, by promoting vocal interfaces with company’s information system where needed.

We developed @lis, a set of methods and tools created to precisely define and model a Knowledge Domain and achieve mutual understanding through usage of well-defined words, to facilitate knowledge transfer and/or accelerate development of advanced algorithms.

@lis Online Services provide the framework for AI projects using an Agile and Architected Approach.

Aebis is the NYC-based spin-off of Paris-based BFD, which has assisted major financial institutions with systems architecture, process improvement, advanced business information systems, knowledge management services, and advanced algorithms for more than 30 years.

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Bruce Epstein
Head of US Operations
Aebis, Inc
(845) 337-1638