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Audioburst launches on the Android Auto and Samsung Bixby platforms
Both the Bixby integration and the Android Auto app introduce the Audioburst listening experience to users on-the-go

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Audioburst announced the release of two new offerings centered around the use of voice. Audioburst Auto, an Android app which focuses on delivering tailored playlists and hands-free voice search to today's drivers, is being released on Google's infotainment platform, Android Auto. Additionally, Audioburst disclosed the upcoming release of their technology on the Samsung Bixby voice assistant platform.

Audioburst Auto provides several key deliverables to drivers utilizing the Android Auto standard. Users can choose from expertly crafted playlists designed by the company's team of audiophiles. In addition to these curated playlists, listeners may also build a customized news feed, created from an extensive list of topics as well as custom topics of the user's choosing. Lastly, the app provides real-time voice search capabilities, allowing drivers hands-free access to up-to-the-minute weather, traffic, and search results on any subject.

"Our primary focus at Audioburst is connecting listeners to the world's best talk-audio content," said Rachel Batish, VP of Product at Audioburst, "These days everyone is busy and on the move. It's impossible to parse all of the information thrown our way, especially during hands-free moments, such as when we are behind the wheel. Both Audioburst Auto and our integration with Bixby ensure that listeners can get fresh, relevant audio no matter where their day takes them."

Audioburst's integration into Samsung's voice assistant platform, Bixby, brings the next-gen search company's signature "burst" – short audio snippets which capture the best moments from top podcasts and radio shows to Samsung's voice-first users. The partnership between Audioburst and Samsung Bixby will provide both hands-free voice search as well as a personalized news feed similar to that which is already offered on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

"We're excited to be working with Audioburst as part of Bixby's Developer Premier program," said David Gene Oh, Senior Director at Samsung Electronics America, "We're always looking for new, innovative ways to bring Bixby users the information and entertainment they need, and we think Audioburst's short-form, hands-free approach to audio is a perfect match."

"We are excited to partner with Bixby and to continue pioneering personalized, voice-first listening experiences," said Amir Hirsh, Audioburst's CEO & Co-founder, "We take pride in connecting listeners to what they want to listen to, seamlessly, across all devices and situations."

The new integration is the latest collaboration from the two companies' ongoing partnership and will be debuted by Oh and Hirsh this week during a talk at VOICE Summit 2019 in Newark, NJ.

Today's announcements come on the heels of several successful product launches and partnerships: Audioburst Studio, a code-free way to add fresh, short-form audio content directly into a web or mobile app experience; an integration with Flipboard, the popular news aggregator; and partnerships with the well-known podcasting company Blubrry and the business-focused C-Suite Network. These partnerships brought Audioburst Creators, a suite of tools aimed at helping podcasters better distribute, market, and monetize their content, to podcasters on the Blubrry and C-Suite platforms.

About Audioburst:
Audioburst is an audio content search and discovery platform powered by AI. Pulling from talk-radio and podcasts, Audioburst uses ASR and NLP to listen, distill, contextualize, and index the world's largest library of spoken-word audio content into short-form snippets. Audioburst's API enables companies to leverage audio content as a new layer of user engagement and monetization while consumers enjoy audio content discovery, recommendations, and a deep level of personalization through textual search or voice interaction across all devices.

The Audioburst experience is already available on several interfaces such as Audioburst Search, Alexa, and Google Home. Additionally, developers can access the Audioburst APIs via the recently released Audioburst Studio platform to tap into the robust Audioburst Content Library and introduce a more dynamic and personalized listening experience for users across in-car infotainment systems, voice assistants, IoT gadgets, and smartphones. Audioburst's solutions are integrated or being built into products from brands including Samsung, LG, Bytedance, Nippon Broadcasting System, Dentsu, and Hyundai.

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